Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What age do the classes for children start?
A: Our children & teen classes are for children ages 7 and up. The classes are three hours in length, and the younger children tend to find that a little long.

Q: Do you offer anything for younger children?
A: Currently we don’t offer classes but we do Birthday Parties for children as young as 3

Q: Do I need experience or previous artistic training to join?
A: Absolutely not! We welcome EVERYONE to come in and try their  hand at painting! Whether you’ve never held a brush in your hand but have always wanted to try to those who paint professionally who want a space to come and create. ALL are welcome

Q: What if we can’t commit to a 12 week session?
A: We understand that schedules are tough and we appreciate you trying to make time for art class – so we do offer packages of 8, 6, or even 3 classes. We’re sure there’s a package perfect for you at the Studio! We also offer packages for those children who can only come every second week as well!

Q: I (or my child) has an erratic schedule, what if we can’t commit to the same day every week?
A: Not a problem at all! We have several students whose schedule changes on a regular basis. You are essentially buying a package of classes and coming when you can. Some do/can maintain the same class every week but the option to switch from week to week is there.
We are at the studio 10 classes/week for our Adults – which means you have 120 opportunities to come and do 12 classes.
We are at the studio 4 classes/ week for the children which  means they have 48 classes to complete their 12.
If you miss a week all together you can come in twice the following week to make it up

Q: How are the Adult classes structured?
A: Our Adult classes are conducted like an open studio. You would come in and paint what YOU wanted to paint. There isn’t one instructor and everyone is painting the same painting. You may be sitting beside a beginner student painting a large acrylic abstract and on the other side an experienced student creating a small detailed oil painting. Instruction is one and one and based on you and your current level and subject matter.

Q: How are the Children/Teen classes structured?
A: We focus heavily on teaching our young artists as many different mediums as possible. We paint using both oil and acrylic. We teach pottery on the wheel, hand-building with clay, airbrushing, sketching, and more. Each Level consists of one Master that the children are introduced to. We teach them color theory as well
Level One: Monet
Level Two: Van Gogh
Level Three: Cezanne
Level Four: Pop Art
Level Five/Advanced: Abstract

Q: What is the $25 Trial?
A: The trial class is where FIRST TIME students can come in and see what the studio is like in full swing! All materials are provided for the class.
For children: During the three hour trial they’ll get to create a 10×12 oil painting, try their hand at pottery on the wheel and (time-permitting) complete a small acrylic painting
For adults: During the three hour trial you’ll get to create a 10×12 oil painting which is framed. You can grab a coffee and see what our other adults are busy creating in the class.

Q: Do I need to book or call ahead for my trial class?
A: Yes! We do book up pretty fast and a confirmed reservation is always required
You can book your trial by calling us at (514)697-6006 or by email at info@westislandarts.ca

Q: What is the price of the session?
A: For pricing, materials and more please email us at info@westislandarts.ca or give us a call at (514)697-6006
For answers to all other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Thank you,
We can’t wait to hear from you soon